Concrete, despite its strength and durability, is not immune to the ravages of time and the elements. Sunken and uneven concrete slabs are not only unsightly but can also pose serious safety hazards. Enter Greene Concrete Leveling, Northeast Ohio’s premier concrete leveling service. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Greene Concrete Leveling specializes in raising and leveling sunken concrete, restoring functionality and aesthetic appeal to various properties. This article delves into the process, benefits, and unparalleled service offered by Greene Concrete Leveling to its clientele.

The Importance of Concrete Leveling

Sunken concrete slabs can occur due to a variety of reasons including soil erosion, subsoil compaction after installation, and environmental changes. Not only can these issues lead to potential trips and falls, but they can also cause problems with water drainage, leading to further structural issues around the property. This makes timely and effective concrete leveling not just a matter of aesthetic maintenance but also a preventative measure to protect against future damages.

Greene Concrete Leveling’s Expertise

At the heart of Greene Concrete Leveling’s operations is a team of highly skilled concrete leveler experts. With years of experience under their belts, these professionals bring precision, expertise, and a deep understanding of geotechnical conditions unique to Northeast Ohio. The team’s meticulous approach ensures that every project, whether big or small, is executed with the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Professional Team

Greene’s team of concrete levelers is known for its professionalism and dedication. Each member is trained in the latest techniques and uses cutting-edge equipment to deliver optimal results. Their hardworking ethos ensures that projects are completed efficiently and effectively, with minimal disruption to the daily lives of clients.

Services Offered by Greene Concrete Leveling

Greene Concrete Leveling provides comprehensive solutions to a variety of concrete problems. Their services include:

  • Concrete Raising: This process, also known as slabjacking or mudjacking, involves injecting a stable material under the sunken slabs to raise them back to their original level. It’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to complete concrete replacement.
  • Void Filling: Greene also offers void filling services to address the empty spaces under concrete that can cause slabs to crack or sink. This service not only helps in stabilizing the concrete but also extends its lifespan by preventing future issues.
  • Concrete Stabilization: This service ensures that once the concrete is leveled, it remains stable without the risk of future sinking, which is particularly important in areas with volatile soil conditions.

The Greene Concrete Leveling Process

The process employed by Greene Concrete Leveling is designed to be as non-invasive and efficient as possible. Here’s a typical workflow:

  1. Assessment and Inspection: The first step involves a thorough assessment of the affected area to determine the underlying cause of the sinking and to devise an appropriate action plan.
  2. Preparation: The area around the sunken slab is prepared to ensure the leveling process is smooth and to prevent any damage to surrounding structures.
  3. Leveling: Depending on the condition, a series of strategically placed holes are drilled into the sunken slab. Through these holes, a specialized lifting compound is injected under the slab, raising it back to its original level.
  4. Finishing Touches: After the slab is adjusted to the correct level, the holes are patched up with color-matched concrete, and the site is cleaned up to ensure it looks as good as new.
  5. Quality Check and Guarantee: Following the leveling, a comprehensive check is conducted to ensure the integrity and stability of the concrete. Greene Concrete Leveling stands by the quality of its work with a satisfaction guarantee.
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Why Choose Greene Concrete Leveling?

Choosing Greene Concrete Leveling means opting for reliability, efficiency, and high-quality service. Here are several reasons why they stand out in the industry:

  • Experienced Professionals: With years of experience, the Greene team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Concrete leveling is generally more affordable than full replacements and offers a sustainable way to deal with concrete issues.
  • Minimal Disruption: The techniques used by Greene ensure that most projects are completed quickly, often within a day, minimizing disruption to your property.
  • Local Expertise: Understanding local conditions in Northeast Ohio allows Greene to address concrete problems with solutions that are tailored to the region’s specific challenges.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: At Greene, customer satisfaction is a priority. The team works closely with clients to ensure their needs are met and that they are fully informed throughout the process.


For those in Northeast Ohio facing the challenge of sunken or uneven concrete, Greene Concrete Leveling offers a trusted, professional solution. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Greene not only restores your concrete but also ensures it stands the test of time. Whether it’s a residential driveway, a commercial parking lot, or a municipal walkway, Greene Concrete Leveling is equipped to handle all your concrete leveling needs, reinforcing their reputation as the premier service provider in the region.